BIO-key Clients Showing Off Biometrics at HIMSS 2016

Multiple Clients to Highlight BIO-key Tech at HIMSS 2016Ten of BIO-key‘s clients are going to showcase its biometric authentication solutions at this year’s HIMSS conference, the company has announced.

It’s a significant opportunity for promotion of the technology. Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society is a non-profit organization concerned with improving healthcare through innovative IT solutions, and its yearly conference provides companies like BIO-key with the chance to reach potential clients in the important healthcare industry.

Partners and clients planning to highlight BIO-key solutions include companies like Allscripts, Aventura, Caradigm, HealthCast, IBM, and KSI Keyboards. And perhaps most significantly, Microsoft’s Health and Life Science Industry Lead, Stephen Rose, will discuss BIO-key technology in a talk entitled “Holograms, Wearables and Future Technology: How Trends in Technology are Changing the Face of Patient Care”.

Microsoft is, of course, quite familiar with BIO-key technology by now, with the latter having been selected as Microsoft’s biometric technology partner as it has promoted the biometric security capabilities of its new Windows 10 operating system. But while Microsoft will be one of the highest-profile companies to back BIO-key solutions at HIMSS 2016, all of these partners and clients should be able to attest to the company’s offerings, especially in the areas of electronic health records and EPCS (electronic prescriptions for controlled substances), both of which appear to offer growing markets.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)