BIO-key Teams Up With Advanced Micro Devices To Provide Better BYOD and Online Transactions

Bio-keyConvenience is key in the coming wave of biometric technologies, and this is doubly true when talking about mobile authentication. Super-efficient BYOD business and easy online transactions are the rewards for those who embrace and adopt stronger-than-password authentication, but a big obstacle in achieving this kind of ideal situation lies in finding an end to-end-solution that is flexible enough to allow for a variety of devices to operate in the same secure environment.

To this end, fingerprint biometrics and mobile authentication provider BIO-key International announced yesterday that it is working with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in order to ensure that its WEB-key biometric management platform is compatible with soon to be released security solutions from AMD.

The purpose here is flexibility. The compatibility between WEB-Key and AMD’s upcoming security technologies, allowing device manufacturers to use the BIO-key fingerprint algorithm regardless of sensor choice. BIO-key’s offering is scanner independent and will enable the matching of enrolled fingerprints on a device, in the cloud or on a server.

“With this solution, OEMs will be insulated from the rapidly changing fingerprint scanner marketplace by having a single best-of-breed, interoperable platform to interface with. Online service providers and enterprises will benefit from a standardized, securely configured WEB-key client on their users’ devices, made available by device manufacturers or through the ARM TrustZone technology ecosystem,” said Jim Sullivan, BIO-key’s vice president of strategy and business development.

“This will allow enhanced security for online transactions and BYOD security,” he continued.” Fingerprint scanner manufacturers benefit by being part of a secure cloud infrastructure allowing remote and cloud authentication, which significantly enhances the core value proposition of fingerprint authentication beyond unlocking the phone or other device.”

BIO-key is currently attending the AMD Developers Summit in San Jose and will be delivering a presentation titled  “Leveraging fingerprint biometric authentication to streamline secure access” at 4:00 PM local time in Exhibit Hall SE4063