BIO-key and FIDO Demystify Biometrics on Panel

BIO-key will be front and center at this week’s connect:ID conference. It’s a Silver Sponsor of the event, and the company’s SVP of Global Sales, Jim Sullivan, will be on hand for a panel entitled BIO-key to Demystify Biometrics on FIDO Panel“Biometric Authentication: Changing the face of mobile security”, in which he will represent the International Biometrics & Identification Association. The panel was organized in collaboration with the FIDO Alliance, and will discuss how biometric technology can be used to secure mobile devices with two-factor authentication.

Commenting in a statement, Sullivan said that the FIDO panel would seek to “demystify the interrelation of several foundational concepts” related to biometric authentication. He also pointed to a recent high-profile security breach against a central bank system in Bangladesh using stolen credentials, asserting, “The time is now for a comprehensively better way to authenticate.”

The company will also highlight an enterprise biometric authentication solution that it has developed with 2FA, Inc. and which is designed to bring Windows Hello authentication to Active Directory joined systems. And along those lines, it will showcase its SideTouch fingerprint scanner, a device compatible with Windows Hello biometric authentication.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)