BioCatch Wins Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation

BioCatch has won the 2017 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation.

BioCatch Wins Frost & Sullivan Award for Product InnovationThe company was recognized for its behavioral biometrics technology, which analyzes patterns in user behavior to assess potential fraud threats, an emerging digital security field of which BioCatch has proven to be a pioneer. Commenting on the company’s win, Frost & Sullivan’s Ram Ravi lauded the company for its “robust and holistic approach to cybersecurity”, adding that its “continuous authentication technology provides advanced threat detection and fraud prevention”.

For BioCatch’s part, CEO Eyal Goldwerger said the award “helps to validate BioCatch’s approach of leveraging advanced data science and machine learning to solving some of the toughest cybersecurity challenges, and we’re honored to receive it.”

The award should serve to further raise BioCatch’s profile in the wake of new partnerships with Experian and Nuance Communications, as well as the company’s participation on FindBiometrics’ recent expert panel on behavioral biometrics. But the recognition is not just a credit to BioCatch; it’s also another affirmation of the rise of behavioral biometrics in general, with the technology expected to quickly establish itself as a major modality for digital security.