BioCatch Now Has Over 40 Granted and Pending Patents

BioCatch now has more than 40 granted and pending patents, marking what has been “a banner year” of IP growth, according to a statement from the company.

BioCatch Now Has Over 40 Granted and Pending PatentsThe company acquired nine new patents this year, including one covering a system of estimating the pressure applied to a device without the need for special additional hardware, and another for detecting whether a device’s ID credentials have been masked. The systems have applications in BioCatch’s Azure-hosted behavioral biometrics platform, which uses a range of analytics to detect potential digital threats among the ostensible users interacting with a client’s website or app.

According to BioCatch CEO Eyal Goldwerger, the company’s IP efforts “are the result of the almost obsessive focus we place on innovation to counter the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks.”

The company has long placed a strong emphasis on its patent holdings, stressing its innovative technology’s ability to protect against increasingly sophisticated malware that can overcome traditional security methods.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)