BioCatch Scores Two Behavioral Biometrics Patents

BioCatch Scores Two Behavioral Biometrics Patents

Behavioral biometrics developer BioCatch has received approval for two new US patents, the company has announced.

One of the patents, called “Method and Device for Confirming Computer End-User Identity”, is for a method of authenticating users by analyzing their interactions with on-screen cues in a process the company calls “Invisible Challenges”.

The other patent, called “System, device, and method of detecting identity of a user of a mobile electronic device”, extends the reach of a previous patent filed under the same title. That patent was for a user authentication system based on touch interactions on the mobile device and its accelerometer; the new patent brings this method to the cloud so that app developers can integrate it into their own apps.

The patents strengthen BioCatch’s overall platform, which enables user authentication based on a range of physiological measures including hand tremor, press-size, usage preferences and general patterns of interaction with a device.

The company’s BioCatch Mobile platform moved on from beta testing early last fall, and since then behavioral biometrics technology has started to generate a lot of buzz, with contenders such as NuDetect also picking up steam (though that company’s system is fairly different in that it’s mostly based on users’ online activity). With its latest patents, though, BioCatch further solidifies its position in the nascent market, and the company appears poised for growth.