BioCatch Wins Patent for Behavioural Biometrics Authentication System

iStock_BrainIsrael-based behavioral biometrics developer BioCatch has received approval for a major US patent. The company says that the patent, “System, device, and method of detecting identity of a user of a mobile electronic device,” is the basis for its authentication technology.

BioCatch’s system is mobile-based, authenticating users for mobile payment and banking transactions via what the company calls “a cognitive biometric signature”, which is constructed from a number of factors including contextual information such as geolocation data, as well as the user’s interaction patterns with the mobile device, usage preferences, and even left- and right-handedness. The patent ensures that the company is able to use the best technology possible for such a system.

Speaking in a press release, BioCatch CTO Avi Turgeman said the company’s “customers deserve the most advanced technology on the market capable of protecting against increasingly complex and hostile cyberattacks, which is why we are continuously driven to innovate and stay ahead of cyber criminals.”

The field of behavioural biometrics is still in its nascent stages, but it’s generating a lot of interest. Last June, the company closed a financing round in which it raised $10 million from keen investors. Other contenders are entering the ring, too, such as NuData Security with its NuDetect system, and the startup Socure, whose behavioural biometrics system focuses on user behaviour on social networks and apps.