BioID Launches iPhone & iPad Facial Recognition

BioID Launches iPhone Facial Recognition

BioID’s free facial recognition app for iPhone and iPad is intended to allow companies to introduce biometric authentication to their websites.

Biometric authentication developer BioID has launched a facial recognition mobile app. The app is available for iPhone and iPad, and it’s free.

It’s intended to allow companies to introduce facial biometric authentication to their websites. Developers can integrate the functionality by coding a link that will open the app, along with integrating support for BioID Connect, an authentication service based on the OpenID Connect and OAuth2.0 open protocols. Once the code is implemented, a website or an app can enable user authentication based on the BioID app’s facial recognition software.

It could prove to be a major development for BioID, making its technology an important part of numerous potential partners’ online security apparatus. And it’s quite possible that many companies will embrace the service as they seek to leverage the increasing popularity of mobile biometric authentication.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)