BioIQ Offers to Make Sense of Wealth of Health Data

vital biometrics and wearable techHealthcare technology developer BioIQ has announced the results of a survey it conducted with healthcare administrators, and the results indicate, shockingly, a need for the kinds of services offered by BioIQ. 
To be fair to the company, there is no reason to doubt the survey results, which indicate that while employers usually get their healthcare and wellness services from multiple vendors, less than a quarter of those vendors actually share health data with each other – which is what one would expect, given that it’s the employers contracting such services who are interested in the big picture of their employees’ health. BioIQ offers a solution in the form of a sort of data hub; they collect the relevant health data, and zoom out to perform a more effective analysis.
It’s a relatively new company, having formed in 2005, but BioIQ says it has already helped millions of participants, and the timing for such a service is right, given the explosion in biometrics-driven health and wellness-tracking. Wristbands embedded with biometric technology that can track heart rate, perambulation, and other such metrics have been around for a few years, and we’re now seeing advanced biometric data being collected by smartphones via platforms like Apple’s Healthkit, and wearable tech is now taking the form of everyday clothing like shirts with biometric sensors woven into the fabric. With such a wealth of data available from so many sources, there’s a major opportunity for employers to leverage BioIQ’s analytical capabilities for vastly improved health outcomes.