Is Biometric Authentication Coming to Chromebook?

Google is testing out fingerprint scanning for its Chromebook laptops. At least, that’s what it appears to be doing based on some recent developments on the back-end of its Chromium web browser software.

Google Testing Fingerprint Scanning for Chromebook: ReportsAccording to new reports, recent updates to Chromium code repositories—communal data hubs for developers’ projects—indicate that Google’s developers are working on fingerprint sensor technology for the Gru baseboard, a piece of hardware that is being used in an upcoming Chromebook laptop codenamed “Kevin”. Google hasn’t offered any official comment, but it appears that its developers plan to integrate a fingerprint sensor into the device, allowing users to unlock it with the touch of a finger, among other potential applications.

The development work indicates the rising prominence of biometric technology in consumer electronics, with Microsoft having made a big push in promoting such technologies via the Windows Hello security system built into its Windows 10 OS. Apple is also reportedly working on bringing a fingerprint scanner to a new MacBook device, and now we see that Google appears to have such a product in the works (one of the perils of open source coding).

That should be good news for consumers, with the mass market appearing to have an increasing interest in moving beyond the password.

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