Biometric Innovation Boosts USAA Fiscal Results, Customer Satisfaction

Biometric Innovation Boosts USAA Fiscal Results, Customer SatisfactionBiometric mobile authentication is paying off for USAA. Or, at least, it looks like it’s helping: The military-focused financial services company has announced strong financial results in its 2014 annual report. In a synopsis, the company credited its strong performance – which saw its net worth increasing by ten percent, reaching $27 billion – at least in part to “innovations such as secure facial and voice recognition on mobile devices”.

That, of course, is a reference to USAA’s new mobile app, which uses facial recognition technology to quickly and securely authenticate users, in much the same way that the Android Lollipop OS’ Face Unlock feature works. The company also added the increasingly popular Apple Pay mPayment platform as a payment method for its customers in 2014 – a move that made life easier for its customers, and likely also contributed to the company’s strong level of customer satisfaction, which saw 81 percent of members surveyed give it the highest possible score for service.