Biometric Padlock Replaces Combinations With Fingerprints

Biometric Padlock Replaces Combinations With FingerprintsThere’s a new crowdfunded biometric security solution for consumers. Called TappLock, it’s essentially a padlock that uses a fingerprint sensor instead of a combination mechanism.

There are actually two devices in the TappLock line: The flagship TappLock, and the lightweight TappLock Lite for travelers. The devices’ makers say that the scanning and unlocking process takes just 0.8 seconds, and that the TapLock devices are “more durable and rugged than most traditional padlocks.” Both device models are also water resistant, feature Bluetooth compatibility allowing unlocking via smartphone, and feature the same level of security as Apple’s Touch ID system with respect to biometric data storage. Moreover, a TappLock app, available on iOS, Android, and Windows, allows users to share and revoke access to others, with the TappLock Series able to store as many as 200 fingerprints.

TappLock joins a growing market of crowdfunded biometric devices aimed at the mass market, with Kickstarter campaigns having recently been launched for a biometric bike lock and a fingerprint scanning door handle. For its part, TapLock’s IndieGoGo campaign has already exceeded its $40,000 goal.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)