Biometric Security Renders Meizu MX4 Obsolete; Long Live the MX4 Pro

Fingerprint BiometricsChinese electronics developer Meizu has announced a new smartphone that will feature biometric security, according to an article by Kristijan Lucic on AndroidHeadlines. The new MX4 Pro will feature a touch-based fingerprint-sensor under its screen.
It’s a notable development on a couple of fronts. First, it’s a relatively inexpensive smartphone (compared to premium offerings like Apple’s iPhones) that is incorporating biometric security, indicating the growing ubiquity of such technology in the mobile market. Second, the phone is launching merely a few months after its predecessor, the MX4, which indicates the speed with which such biometric technology is infiltrating the mobile device market; the readiness of mobile manufacturers to dump their old products indicates a real sense of urgency in trying to keep up with the march of biometric tech.
It’s a bit speculative, but it seems fair to attribute this move at least in part to a couple of recent developments: Apple Pay has launched in America, using biometric security to pave the way for mobile payments in the mass market; and there have been recent indications that Apple Pay might soon have some inroads in China, while Alibaba’s Alipay system might be able to team up with foreign credit card companies. All of that will likely call for biometric security measures on the mobile devices being used, and so it seems more important than ever for smartphone developers to get that technology in place.