Biometric Smartphones, Healthcare, ATMs Still Growing

There’s major growth in store for biometric technologies in the areas of mobile devices, ATMs, and healthcare, according to ABI Research. In new findings from the market research company’s Biometric Technologies and Applications service, the group predicts strong growth for modalities ranging from fingerprint sensors to iris scanners.

ABI points to the already strong trend of Chinese smartphone makers implementing fingerprint sensors in their smartphones; pioneered by Apple’s Touch ID system, the trend is set to continue for the next several years, with annual growth of 17 percent (CAGR) until 2020. Meanwhile, other modalities such as voice, face, and eye-based recognition are starting to gain traction in this area as well, adding greater security to mobile authentication, particularly in the area of mPayments. ABI predicts a whopping 144 percent CAGR for these modalities over the next five years.

ABI asserts that finger- and palm-based vascular authentication is starting to make its way into ATMs “as a primary or additional form of identification”, also noting that voice recognition plays an important part in banks’ fraud prevention systems, as we’ve seen in numerous call center authentication systems. ABI also notes that the use of iris recognition in healthcare “is booming” in its access control applications, and adds that biometric patient identity management systems are also rising in popularity.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)