Biometric Software Month: The Roundup

All month at Mobile ID World we have been focusing our featured articles on the topic of biometric software. Characterized by their sheer versatility in terms of deployment, biometric software solutions are on the rise in a great number of applications, especially when it comes to consumer-facing markets.

As we come to the end of July though, so we also come to the conclusion of Biometric Software Month. Today, we will take a look back on the featured articles and news stories that characterized this summer event.

The Big Picture

Biometric Software Month: The RoundupBiometric software is right at home when it comes to the mobile device landscape. Software authentication solutions take advantage of already standard hardware, such as microphones and cameras,  in order to capture and compare user biometrics for the purpose of security and convenience. Biometric Software Month kicked off with a primer on the topic, summarizing the big ideas with recent examples. Then, during the month itself, Acuity Market Intelligence published new analysis on the biometric app market illustrating just how important and ubiquitous software authentication solutions are becoming in the mobile sphere.

Biometric Software Month: The Primer

12.9 Billion Biometric Apps To Be Downloaded by 2020

Downloading Commerce

Mobile payments, online banking.Mobile commerce has been a major driving force in the consumer adoption of biometric technology, and software solutions aren’t exempt from that boost. In week two of Biometric Software Month, we examined four unique deployments that show the featured technology securing transactions with low levels of friction and high levels of success. In the news we reported on a new partnership aiming to authenticate payments with selfies, as well as a deployment of ImageWare Systems’ GoVerifyID by

Biometric Software Month: 4 Softwares For mCommerce

Online Auction Site to Implement Biometrics for Users

Imagus and Payonyx Team Up For Payment Authentication

A Platform for Authentication

Biometric Authentication BannersSpeaking of ImageWare, who also won patent approval in Canada and Australia this month, the company’s service model was a key subject in our third feature of the month, on the hyper-adaptability of biometric platforms. We took a look at ImageWare and Daon for examples of biometric software that is scalable and versatile, enabling uniform authentication across a wide range of users. Meanwhile, our sister site FindBiometrics published an interview with Connor White, the Americas Group president of Daon.

Biometric Software Month: Adapting To The Situation

ImageWare Announces Patent Approval in Canada, Australia

INTERVIEW: Conor White, President – Americas, Daon

Windows 10

Microsoft LogoBiometrics are being incorporated into operating systems now, with Android M supporting fingerprint sensors and Windows 10 offering multimodal authentication. The latter of those was a major topic in the news all month as the launch date quickly approached. Here are the top Windows 10 stories of July:

HP Embraces Windows 10 Security Features

Windows 10 to Launch July 29, Bring Biometrics With It

Windows 10 Requires Infrared Cameras for Facial Recognition

Apps and Innovation

Biometric Authentication BannersBiometrics have been in a constant state of growth and innovation now that the technology is firmly in the mainstream. This month we saw major news in the form of FacialNetwork’s ZoOm app, which allows for 3D facial recognition on smartphones, a new SDK from HYPER that enables offline biometric tokenization and a multi-modal mobile app that some claim to be  un-spoofable.

Voice, Face and Behavioral Biometrics on New App

HYPR SDK Offers Offline Biometric Tokenization

ZoOm App Enables 3D Facial Recognition on Smartphones


And so concludes Biometric Software Month at Mobile ID World. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join keep the conversation going by tweeting with the hashtag #BiometricSoftwareMonth.