Biometric Tattoos Offer Range of Applications

Medical background - Grunge styleAn Austin-based tech development company is working on temporary tattoos featuring biometric technology. Called Chaotic Moon, the company has previously worked on other cutting-edge technological products like drones and Bitcoin-collecting fitness tracking devices.

Its biometric tattoo technology is still in the relatively early stages of development, but the concept basically revolves around a stick-on concept, with washable, conductive paint able to transmit information from microprocessor components. Chaotic Moon envisions a range of applications for the technology; a major one would be health and fitness tracking, with the tattoos able to upload data in the same way as more conventional wearables. But it could also be used to transmit financial information for contactless transactions – there are already NFC payment stickers, after all – and it would also have potential military applications, with tattoo sensors able to detect atmospheric contaminants or to monitor soldiers’ vital signs.

The development points to a brave new world of wearables, and if it were to catch on there are ways in which it could be hugely valuable, as in the collection of large-scale population health data, for example. But it’s also intrusive, and in the future may have to compete with passive alternatives like brainwave scans, depending on how this kind of biometric technology evolves over the next several years. In any case, it points to interesting times ahead.

Sources: TechRadar, TechCrunch