Biometric Tech is the Latest in Canine Fashion

Black DogNot ones to appear unfashionable, dogs are now getting into wearable tech, according to a new BBC article. An American team of researchers have developed a prototype for a canine harness fitted with motion detection technology and biometric cardiac and body temperature sensors.

The harness offers a number of opportunities for dog handlers, according to the researchers. Its motion detection can help to decode a dog’s body language, while its biometric sensors can collect important health data while also indicating the dog’s emotional state. And it has built-in motors that can be remotely accessed to provide behavioral nudges to the dog.

The harness currently seems to be primarily intended for dogs working in a professional capacity, such as guide dogs and rescue dogs, but the development team is working on a smaller version that could be used for veterinary purposes. It’s a fun but logical extension of the wearable tech revolution currently unfolding as biometric technology gets more advanced, smaller, and cheaper; if we humans get to wear shirts that can monitor their health data, why shouldn’t our most loyal companions?