Biometric Technology Will Be in 100 Percent of Smartphones in 2018

Acuity is doubling down on its previous predictions about the rise of mobile biometrics. In a new report, the market research firm reaffirms that biometric technology will be in 100 percent of smartphones in 2018, and also looks to growth in other biometric markets.

Biometric Technology Will Be in 100 Percent of Smartphones in 2018Acuity estimates that about 750 million smartphones featuring biometric technology are currently in use, accounting for over 30 percent of the overall installed base. By 2018, all shipments of smartphones will feature the technology, and biometrics will proliferate to 100 percent of the installed base by 2020. Meanwhile, these years will see the rise of mPayments, with almost $7 billion in transactions approved via biometric authentication expected annually by 2020.

The report also highlights the rise of biometrics in e-passports, estimating that 92 percent of all passports around the world will feature RFID technology and biometrics by the end of the forecast period. Moreover, national electronic IDs will rise from 611 million this year to 786 by 2020, and it’s fair to expect biometric data to be incorporated in a large swath of those documents.

It’s all part of a larger “proliferation of biometric devices for consumer, enterprise, and civil use,” says Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Maxine Most, adding that biometric technology is finding applications not only in digital payments, but also “enterprise and logical access control, home security, border control, the Internet of Things, and civil identity programs as well.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)