Biometric Technology to Help EMS Save Lives

Mobile Fingerprint BiometricsA US charity called the MedicAlert Foundation is harnessing the power of biometric technology to help save lives. In a new partnership, Xelios Biometrics will provide the MedicAlert Foundation with myLife-Touch devices. The devices allow on-site fingerprint scanning, which will link to a MedicAlert database of individuals’ health information.

The MedicAlert Foundation is a first-responder medical service. In cases where patients are unconscious or otherwise unable to provide EMS crews with critical health information – medications, allergies, and so on – they’ll be able to use the myLife-Touch fingerprint scanners to immediately retrieve that information. The devices could therefore have very important benefits in the field.

In the wake of the recent spate of remote healthcare applications for biometric technology, this is a welcome step into front-line emergency care. It’s a product of shrinking hardware and costs that has also been responsible for spurring the mobile biometric revolution, which has begun its own contribution to healthcare with biometric sensors now becoming widespread on personal phones.