Biometrics Boost Reliability of Blockchain Platform

WISeKey has announced a new edition of its WISeID blockchain app.

Biometrics Boost Reliability of Blockchain PlatformCalled WISeID 6, the app incorporates biometric credentials to help validate the digital identities of users. Supported biometric modalities include facial and fingerprint recognition, which complement a master password tied to each user.

The aim is to ensure that users are who they say they are. Blockchain technology is meant to offer a coherent, unalterable history of transactions, but of course much of that claim is contingent upon a given platform’s ability to verify the digital signatures tied to each transaction. So with biometric authentication increasingly being used to validate everyday transactions such as digital payments outside of the WISeID BlockChain, it only makes sense that such technology would be integrated into the platform.

WISeKey says its OISTE-WISeKey Cryptographic Root of Trust—a system at “the heart of this platform”, according to a press release—has been used in more than 2.6 billion devices, browsers, and SSL certificates since it was first introduced in 1999, and is thus a reliable foundation for the WISeID blockchain platform. It’s also designed to work with a WISeID Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK to protect against mobile security threats. And with password data encrypted and stored in a digital vault secured in part by biometric authentication, WISeKey is aiming to promote its blockchain solution as a particularly reliable platform.