Galaxy A50 Receives Another Software Update for Fingerprint Sensor

Biometrics News - Galaxy A50 Receives Another Software Update for Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung has released another software update for its mid-range Galaxy A50 smartphone. The update is intended to improve the performance of the phone’s optical in-display fingerprint sensor, with Samsung advising users to delete and re-register their fingerprint information after completing the update.

The update is only available to Galaxy A50 owners in Europe. However, this is not the first time that Samsung has issued patches for the in-display fingerprint sensor in its Galaxy A line. Samsung released a software update only a few short weeks after the A50 made its debut in India, after users complained that the phone’s fingerprint sensor was unreliable. The company was then forced to issue a similar update following the launch of the A70 a few months later.

The problems have not been limited to Samsung’s mid-range offerings. The company pushed an “urgent update” following the release of its flagship Galaxy S10, and was still struggling with device security as recently as October. Samsung promised another update after a British Galaxy owner discovered that an unregistered user was able to use his own fingerprint to unlock her phone, thereby negating the benefits of biometric security.

The Galaxy A10 is the latest addition to the Galaxy A line, although that phone features a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner instead of the in-display scanner in the Galaxy A50 and A70.

Source: Sam Mobile