India’s Elementik Launches New Authentication Card with FPC Biometric Module

Biometrics News - India's Elementik Launches New Authentication Card with FPC Biometric Module

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has placed its FPC BM-Lite biometric module in a new biometric authentication card from India’s Elementik Technologies. The card has been dubbed the ByteSeal, and FPC is boasting that it will be the “first fingerprint biometrics enabled authentication card” to hit the market in India.

The ByteSeal offers wireless BLE and NFC capabilities, which means the card can be used for app and web logins in addition to physical access control. Elementik is hoping that the new card will replace existing RFID security solutions.

The FPC BM-Lite, meanwhile, was released earlier this month, and stands as the latest addition to the FPC BM line of products. The comprehensive biometric module comes with all of the hardware and software needed to enable biometric authentication for a range of different applications, including a fingerprint sensor and a built-in processor. The module is designed as a plug-and-play solution that makes it easier to integrate biometric tech into IoT devices.

The ByteSeal reflects FPC’s recent efforts to diversify its portfolio beyond the smartphone sector, particularly in the realm of biometric cards. However, FPC has also recently unveiled a new FPC1540 touch sensor geared towards foldable smartphones, and announced that its fingerprint sensors have now appeared in more than 400 different smartphone models.