Xyntek Leverages Nymi Band for e-Signature Authentication

Xyntek Leverages Nymi Band for e-Signature Authentication
Nymi Bands enable biometric authentication and e-signatures

The pharmaceutical IP company Xyntek has partnered with Nymi to integrate the latter’s wearable technology into its Turnkey Biometrics Authentication Platform. Xyntek’s platform leverages biometric tech to facilitate the creation of secure e-signatures, making it easier for medical and laboratory professionals to sign off on critical procedures and business operations.

While Xyntek is currently compatible with a range of iris and fingerprint scanners, the Nymi Band uses unique cardiac biometrics to provide ongoing authentication while the device is being worn. The tech will allow users to log in and record e-signatures with a simple tap of the wrist instead of a fingerprint or iris scan.

“Nymi wearable technology provides an additional level of flexibility that provides operators with a more efficient way to achieve compliance and security without compromising productivity,” said Xyntek CEO Mac Hashemian.

“By combining our technology with Xyntek’s Biometric Authentication Platform, we can deliver data integrity and security, allowing highly regulated industries to achieve compliance and productivity,” added Nymi VP Andrew Foxcroft.

The Nymi Band has proven to be particularly popular form of authentication for those in the pharmaceutical industry, with Xyntek standing as the latest company to adopt the technology. Other recent Nymi customers include Systec & Solutions and the POMS Corporation. The former deployed the Nymi Band to increase security in industrial cleanrooms, while the latter integrated the Band into the Manufacturing Execution System that it provides to some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  

Nymi has also started to expand beyond the pharmaceutical industry through partnerships with companies like Rockwell, which now offers support for the Nymi Band to users of its ThinManager software management suite. Nymi previously raised $15 million in Series B funding in 2017, and has since gone on to form a strategic partnership with the Japanese industrial imaging manufacturer Konica Minolta.