Biometrics Study Found Reduced Hospitalization, Costs: AMC Health

Biometrics Study Found Reduced Hospitalization, Costs: AMC HealthAMC Health, a chronic patient management specialist, has announced that it’s going to showcase its solutions at ATA 2015, a major telemedicine conference. The company will do a joint presentation with Geisinger Health Plan (GHP) entitled “Using IVR and Telemonitoring to Lower Hospital Admissions, Readmissions and Costs for Heart Failure (HF) Patients.”

The presentation will revolve around the results of a study that monitored the effects of AMC Health’s biometric remote care technologies over the course of two years. The 541 participating patients received care integrating Bluetooth-enabled biometric sensors and an interactive voice response system for capturing symptom and behavioural data. What it found was that the patients, all of whom had previously been diagnosed with heart failure, were 23 percent less likely to need in-hospital treatment, and those who were hospitalized were 44 percent less likely to be re-hospitalized within 30 days.

Costs were way down, too. Patients paid 11.3 percent less for their care, and the program saw an overall net savings of $2.7 million over the two years of the study, which translates to a savings of three dollars for every dollar spent. In an era of tightening hospital budgets, that could prove immensely appealing to care providers.

Given the results of the study, along with AMC’s continued efforts to improve the biometric capabilities of its remote care platform, it looks like the company will be attracting some very positive attention at this year’s ATA 2015, which could result in better care and lower costs for many more patients.