Biometrics to ‘Radically Transform’ Driving Experience: Report

Growth consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan is predicting a significant boom of biometrics in the automotive industry.

Biometrics to 'Radically Transform' Driving Experience: ReportIn a statement announcing its new report, “Biometrics in the Global Automotive Industry, 2016-2025,” the company asserts that advancing biometric technology “will radically transform the driving experience, health wellness and wellbeing (HWW), and security of vehicles by 2025,” adding that one in three new vehicles will feature some form of biometric recognition –from iris, to voice, to fingerprint recognition. This is going to be further spurred by “[p]artnerships between automotive OEMs and wearable companies”, adds Frost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility Industry Analyst Joe Praveen Vijayakumar.

Some observers may find the predictions a bit preliminary, since there are currently few biometric wearables designed for automotive applications. But the general trend toward biometric integration into vehicles is starting to emerge, as exemplified in Samsung’s newly-announced acquisition of Harman International Industries, a smart car components maker that has developed its own driver-focused biometric technology.

Frost & Sullivan insists that “OEMs and suppliers are investing in advanced biometrics based on human machine interaction (HMI) concepts such as natural language and gesture recognition,” and that kind of technology really could have a substantial impact on the driving experience in the near future.