Share Your Opinion on Biometrics With This Year in Review Survey

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The FindBiometrics Year in Review is Underway! Share Your Opinion

The FindBiometrics Year in Review, brought to you by Leidos, is an annual tradition in which you help shape the ongoing identity technology narrative as we prepare for another dynamic and disruptive twelve months in our industry. Now in its 15th iteration, the Year in Review centers around a short four-minute survey in which we ask you, our readers, to share your opinions on a variety of biometric topics, including exciting modalities, hot markets, controversial issues, and trend setting technologies.


Our readership (including you) is made of the most informed audience on the web when it comes to the biometrics industry. By participating in the survey you are helping give the audience a voice, reflecting the views of the industry to provide a full picture of biometrics and identity in 2017. Furthermore, by asserting your vice in the Year in Review survey, you help the FindBiometrics editorial team understand what markets, topics, trends and technologies you see as important so we can better curate our 2018 content to what you and your peers deem important.

The FindBiometrics Year in Review is Underway! Share Your Opinion

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The results of the 2017 FindBiometrics Year in Review will be posted in early January. Those who participate in the survey will get an advance copy of the results sent to them via email. Until then, look back on some of the more prominent trends and topics from the past 12 months in biometrics with this selection of our featured content:

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