Bionym Changes Name as Nymi Band Discovery Kits Prepare To Ship

Bionym_Nymi_black_topToday, Bionym – creators of the Nymi biometric wristband, have announced a name change. The company has adopted the name of its heart rate authentication technology and will now be known as Nymi.

Nymi simultaneously announced the news many developers and early adopters have been waiting for: the Nymi Band Discovery Kit will be shipping on December 15, 2014. The Kit will come with the final hardware Nymi Band, Nymi Companion Application, the Unlock Application and the Nymi Password Vault for Windows. Nymi promises that Mac editions of the applications are on their way shortly.

The Discovery Kit will provide developers the Heart ID hardware they need to best create applications and integrations of the vital biometric authentication technology. All of the apps and hardware are compatible with the existing Nymi SDK that was released earlier this year.

Lauren Long, Nymi’s product manager comments, “The Nymi Band Discovery Kit represents an important milestone for us. This kit makes our hardware widely available to the developer community to continue fueling the development of the Nymi ecosystem.”

Those who have been keeping an eye on Nymi but haven’t invested in a preorder yet are being incentivised to do so as soon as possible. The current price for a Nymi Band preorder is $79, but as of January 1, 2015, the price will almost double to $149.

In November, Nymi made big waves at Money20/20 in Las Vegas with the announcement that it is currently testing out mobile payments via its biometric wearable. Thanks to its persistent authentication feature (once a user authenticates with the Nymi, they remain verified as long as they wear it) payments are just the beginning of what this kind of technology can be used for. As M2M technology further proliferates, having persistent biometric authentication will become a boon for humans wanting unprecedented convenience in their day to day lives as society further embraces the Internet of Things.