Bionym Looking to Third Party Developers for Cardiac Biometrics Applications

Bionym_Nymi_colors_stackedBiometric technology developer Bionym Inc. is preparing a mass market cardiac biometrics device, and is encouraging third-party developers to create applications for it.
The company’s Nymi Band is a mostly-black watch-sized wristband that monitors the wearer’s cardiac rhythm, thereby allowing for identity authentication via an Authorized Authentication Device – in other words, a mobile device from one of Nymi’s partner companies. Because each person’s heartbeat is unique, this kind of biometric technology allows for security authentication applications such as access control, user identification, and so on. (One partner developer, Brivo Labs, has already built an app that unlocks doors based on the Nymi Band’s identity authentication.)
But there are other potential applications, too – particularly in the health and lifestyle field. Many wearable tech devices are now partnering with Apple to feed biometric data into its HealthKit platform; the Nymi Band could provide plenty of valuable cardiac information for such a healthcare application, while also providing fitness- and exercise-tracking functionality similar to what’s offered through the popular Fitbit product line, for example.
Bionym is inviting interested third-party developers to build a Nymi Band application prototype using the company’s emulator and to send a walkthrough of the app to Bionym for approval to get a real-life Nymi Band for further development. More information can be found on this post on the company’s blog.