BSI Platform Gets Selfie Authentication Courtesy of Mitek

BioSig-ID Platform Gets Selfie Authentication Courtesy of Mitek

Texas-based BioMetric Signature ID (BSI) is enhancing its gesture-based identity platform’s onboarding system with selfie-based authentication technology from San Diego-based Mitek.

BSI’s BioProof-ID platform is designed to authenticate individuals using biometric gesture recognition technology, with the company aiming its solution primarily at ID verification and access control applications. But thus far the company has struggled to navigate one key challenge – ensuring that a given user’s gestural biometrics are actually their own, and don’t belong to an impostor or fraudster.

Mitek’s technology will help to resolve that issue, with its Mobile Verify system designed to read official ID documents, and to compare them to an end user’s selfie image using facial recognition technology. Its integration into BioProof-ID will allow the platform to confirm that end users are indeed who they claim to be, and to link their gestural biometrics accordingly.

In a statement announcing the collaboration, Mitek North America Identity VP Michael Nelson praised BSI as a provider of “innovative biometric solutions that protect sensitive digital records, especially in industries like education, healthcare and banking,” adding that his team is “excited to partner” with the company. The latter’s CEO and founder, meanwhile, Jeff Maynard, said that in partnering with Mitek, his firm is “taking identity verification a step further by providing our customers with an extra level of security and trust, while ensuring BSI’s digital onboarding process remains simple, reliable and effective.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)