Embedded Downloads Officially Launches BitVault

The BitVault smartphone has officially launched.

Embedded Downloads Officially Launches BitVaultThe device was first announced at the start of autumn. Developed by Ireland-based Embedded Downloads and WDN Technologies, its manufacturing partner in India, the smartphone places a heavy emphasis on security, with encrypted calling and messaging baked in, along with a public and private key system that activates every time it’s used. It’s also supported by its own private blockchain ledger, with a special app needed to transmit documents between devices in order to enable the blockchain auditing.

The device also features multimodal biometric authentication, care of Fingerprint Cards. It’s actually one of the first mobile devices to take advantage of FPC’s new ActiveIRIS iris recognition technology, combining it with an FPC1028 fingerprint to enable a heightened level of authentication security for users.

In a statement announcing the smartphone’s official launch at an event in London, Embedded Downloads highlighted the “enhanced biometrics” of FPC’s technology as “[o]ne of the advanced features” of its new device.

The company also asserted that the BitVault “is being sold to large organizations such as banks, FinTech companies, [and] government organizations” as well as the general public, suggesting that Embedded Downloads is off to a running start with the launch of its new smartphone.