Blippar Users Can Now Identify Each Other With Smartphone Facial Recognition

Blippar users can now sign on for live facial recognition through their smartphones using the company’s eponymous app.

Blippar Users Can Now Identify Each Other With Smartphone Facial RecognitionThe feature, called Halos, was first announced toward the end of 2016, when Blippar enabled a facial recognition feature on its AR app that was restricted to public figures, who users could identify with their smartphone cameras. The idea is to let users identify not only celebrities but each other, with anyone who signs on for the feature able to use the app to learn who they’re looking at, and to be identified in turn. Users can determine which information they’d like displayed around their heads when viewed through the AR app.

Blippar has also dramatically expanded the number of public figures who can be identified by the app from 70,000 in December to 370,000 now. And the company is offering to license its facial recognition APIs to third party developers, announcing in a statement that they could offer applications “from mobile banking transactions to smart networking and building access control.”

The company says its facial recognition technology offers 99.67 percent accuracy, based on the Labeled Faces in the Wild standard.