Blue Cedar Leverages Face ID for Enterprise Security

Blue Cedar has embraced Face ID for its mobile security platform.

Blue Cedar Leverages Face ID for Enterprise SecurityThe company offers embedded in-app security for the enterprise, and has previously specialized in enabling companies to secure their apps with fingerprint-based biometric security as the technology proliferated across mobile devices. Understandably, Blue Cedar was evidently keen to leverage the capabilities of the iPhone X’s new facial recognition system, which Apple has claimed to be considerably more accurate than Touch ID.

In a statement announcing the new capability, Blue Cedar emphasized the technological sophistication of Face ID, highlighting its 30,000-point grid that enables it to map a user’s face and “to recognize the user even with glasses, facial hair, or a hat.” Elaborating further on how this technology works with Blue Cedar’s platform, CTO and co-founder Kevin Fox explained, “Blue Cedar’s technology allows us to intercept and encrypt network and data-at-rest operations, and when coupled with Face ID, is completely transparent to the user.”

While a group of hacking experts recently raised alarms about Face ID’s vulnerability to spoofing, a growing number of organizations are embracing the technology for user authentication, in recognition of Face ID’s superiority to Touch ID fingerprint scanning, which can also be spoofed. Blue Cedar’s customers are likely to appreciate the effort, even if only a relatively small number of them will have shelled out a thousand dollars and change for Apple’s latest iPhone.