Booz Allen Announces Security Platform for Azure Government

Booz Allen has announced a new security platform for Microsoft’s Azure Government clients. Called Virtual Cloud Defense (VCD), the platform offers added security to organizations using Microsoft’s cloud computing system, and is designed to comply with Department of Defense and Federal Government security requirements.Booz Allen Announces Security Platform for Azure Government

Among the service’s offerings are data encryption, network traffic monitoring, and detailed security event logging. It also allows for network tiering, in which barriers are created to prevent traffic between designated network zones; and multi-factor authentication, which will likely be of interest to numerous government clients. And Booz Allen says it can customize VCD with further security refinements depending on the needs of a client.

The offering arrives at a time of increasing concern over digital security, with recent hack attacks undermining confidence in cloud-based and online assets. Microsoft has itself set up a new oversight program designed to continually audit and improve security services on its Azure platform, and Booz Allen’s additional security offerings may appeal to government organizations looking for an even more powerful defensive arsenal.