BRIEF: Why Biometric FinTech Is Going To Be Bigger Than Ever At Money20/20 Europe

BRIEF: Why Biometric FinTech Is Going To Be Bigger Than Ever At Money20/20 EuropeNext week is Money20/20 Europe, with the best and brightest minds in FinTech set to convene in Copenhagen to show off their wares and spread industry thought leadership. A lot of different kinds of technologies with financial services applications will be on display, but as with last year’s event, biometric technology is likely to be a standout topic. Indeed, it will probably prove even more popular than ever – Here’s why:

It offers an easy avenue to compliance with new financial and data protection regulations for the European Union:

PSD2 Regulations Call for Mobile Biometric Solutions

Syniverse, Pinn to Answer PSD2, GDPR Regulations with Behavioral Biometrics

Major names, including Mastercard, are working to pioneer biometric payment cards:

Zwipe Has Received Its First Orders For Its Biometric Payment Card

Safran Identity & Security Providing Software For Biometric Mastercard

FPC and Precise Biometrics Technologies Featured in MeReal V2 Smart Card

The companies behind the leading mPayment platforms are deepening their investments in biometric authentication:

Apple Supplier Confirms Shipments of 3D Sensor Modules

Apple Confirms P2P Payments Speculation, Plans Fall Launch with iOS Update

Biometric authentication is even starting to emerge in ATMs:

New ATM Uses Smartphone Interface, Facial Recognition for Withdrawals

And experts from Visa, HSBC, BioConnect, and FacePhi will convene to discuss the rise of biometric FinTech in an expert panel:

FindBiometrics Will Once Again Bring Biometrics to Money20/20 Europe