BRIEF: Countdown To The Biometric Payment Card Explosion

BRIEF: Countdown To The Biometric Payment Card ExplosionMultiple fingerprint sensor specialists have been eyeing potential payment card applications for some time, but it looks like now those opportunities are starting to be realized, and fast. Mastercard’s bombshell news about its successful biometric payment card trials landed back in April, but now there have now been several new developments ahead of this week’s Money20/20 Europe exhibition, all pointing to a rapid ramp-up in market activity.

Here are the latest:

Partnerships are being established in pursuit of emerging market opportunities:

SmartCard Marketing Systems and CardLogix Developing Biometric Payment Card Solution

Fingerprint Cards Has Officially Partnered With Smart Card Maker Kona I

Sensor makers are getting their first smart card customers:

Zwipe Has Received Its First Orders For Its Biometric Payment Card

IDEX Introduces New Flexible Fingerprint Sensor For Smart Cards

And initial deployments are paving the way for expansion:

FPC and Precise Biometrics Technologies Featured in MeReal V2 Smart Card

IDEX Fingerprint Sensor Featured on Mastercard’s Biometric Payment Card