BRIEF: Why FIDO’s Authentication Standards Are Blowing Up

The FIDO Alliance, a cross-industry consortium of a range of companies in the mobile and tech sectors, is the world’s biggest proponent of strong digital authentication.BRIEF: Why FIDO's Authentication Standards Are Blowing Up Its UAF and U2F authentication standards advocate for the use of biometric and multimodal identity confirmation on digital devices, and have proven increasingly influential in the broader tech ecosystem, with major consumer-facing brands like Google and Facebook embracing them.

As awareness of digital security threats and the need for stronger security has continued to rise among users and enterprise organizations alike, FIDO has become all the more popular; and thanks to these trends and some astute maneuvering, the Alliance is poised to see an even more dramatic increase in its stature in the coming months. Here’s why:

FIDO’s standards are increasingly popular among tech companies:

FIDO Standards in the Spotlight at CIS 2017

FIDO Alliance Ecosystem Exceeds 360 Certified Products

At the same time, FIDO standards are expanding into new sectors and new markets:

Aetna Moves Forward On FIDO With Behavioral Biometrics

New FIDO Board Member Could Be Impactful Ally in Korea

FIDO Launches India Working Group, Partners with DSCI

And to top it all off, FIDO has also officially teamed up with the biggest global consortium for the mobile industry:

FIDO and GSMA Join Forces