BRIEF: The iPhone X’s Outsized Impact

BRIEF: The iPhone X's Outsized ImpactSince its announcement in September, the iPhone X has generated a lot of buzz, much of it of an anxious variety. It wasn’t clear if consumers would respond to the redesign – the most substantial since the original iPhone’s debut a decade ago – not to mention its thousand-dollar price tag. And in the mobile industry, it wasn’t clear how Apple’s decision to abandon the fingerprint scanning technology that it pioneered, in favor of a new infrared facial recognition system, would impact consumers’ expectations. With the iPhone X having just hit store shelves on November 3rd, it’s probably still too early to definitely address these questions. But it is clear that the device has made a big impact.

Here’s how:

The mobile industry is adapting – fast:

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Third parties are already embracing Face ID for authentication in their own apps:

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Meanwhile, Face ID seems to be a hit, but there are still concerns about security:

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… And Apple’s singular reliance on Face ID may be spurring competitors to champion other modalities:

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