BRIEF: The Next Phase of the Mobile Biometrics Revolution

BRIEF: The Next Phase of the Mobile Biometrics RevolutionFingerprint sensors are now more or less standard features on contemporary smartphones, thanks to a revolution spearheaded by Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning system back in 2013. Some analysts go so far as to predict that by 2020, all smartphones shipped will come equipped with such technology. But the mobile biometrics revolution is not stopping or even slowing – it’s just entering into a new phase.

Here’s how:

Biometrics specialists and OEMs are now seeking to move fingerprint sensors into the display itself – a technologically difficult proposition that has nevertheless produced recent signs of progress:

New Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors Can Scan Through OLED Display, Even Underwater

Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors Use Precise Biometrics Software

Goodix Announces World’s First In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Meanwhile, other major brands are embracing multimodal biometrics for their mobile devices:

LG G6 Plus to Feature FPC Fingerprint Sensor, Facial Recognition

Samsung Galaxy S8 Named Year’s Best Smartphone at MWC Shanghai

And there are signs that the pioneer of mobile fingerprint scanning may be ready to move beyond that modality entirely:

Next iPhone’s 3D Facial Recognition to Replace Touch ID: Report