BRIEF: Is Two Factor Authentication About To Go Mainstream?

For years, digital security experts have been advocating for two factor authentication, or 2FA.BRIEF: Is Two Factor Authentication About To Go Mainstream? And while those calls have been headed among some of the more tech savvy individuals – USB dongles aren’t uncommon among web developers and CIOs – 2FA security hasn’t yet attained mainstream adoption.

The digital landscape is always changing, though, and concerns about digital security are perhaps higher than ever among both consumers and enterprises. Accordingly, there are signs that 2FA adoption may be headed for a sharp incline. Here’s why:

2FA keys are gaining a stronger market presence:

Yubico Joins Amazon Associates Program

Some of the biggest online brands are enabling 2FA for users – and making login easier for them:

Two-Factor Authentication Comes to Instagram

Facebook Embraces FIDO-Compliant Two-Factor Authentication

Google Urges Adwords Clients to Use 2FA Keys

Social Login Means Better Security Through 2FA: Yubico

And the European Banking Authority has recommended 2FA for new EU payments standards:

PSD2 Regulations Call for Mobile Biometric Solutions