BRIEF: What’s Next for Fingerprint Sensors

BRIEF: What's Next for Fingerprint SensorsWith fingerprint sensors now ubiquitous across the contemporary smartphone ecosystem, the mobile biometrics revolution kicked off five years ago by the iPhone 5s has seemed to be winding down somewhat over the last year. Costs have decreased, competition has flooded into the market, and many biometrics suppliers were left wondering where to go from here.

When Apple revealed that a new 3D facial recognition system had replaced its Touch ID authentication solution on the iPhone X last autumn, some took that as an answer. But even as excitement over facial recognition continues to rise, it’s clear that fingerprint sensors aren’t finished. Looking ahead, this particular part of the overall biometrics market is going to continue to advance through expansion and evolution.

Expansion beyond the mobile sector over the year to come will likely be most visible in the area of biometric cards, and particularly biometric payment cards:

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This became even more apparent with the enthusiasm of major fingerprint biometrics leaders at this year’s Mobile World Congress:

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And as some of those same executives attested, there is also substantial evolution underway within the mobile fingerprint sensor market, particularly with respect to in-display technologies:

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Egis Technology Showcases Facial Recognition and In-Display Fingerprint Biometrics at MWC

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