Britons Skeptical About Smartwatches, Excited About IoT: Survey

Apple Watch EdA new poll has found Britons somewhat wary of Apple’s forthcoming smartwatch, according to an article by Lauren Davidson in The Telegraph. The survey of 2000 British adults, conducted by Hive by British Gas, found that only 25 percent of its respondents indicated they thought the Apple Watch would improve their lives.

That’s actually pretty much how Americans feel though, and it’s really not bad news for Apple. A recent Ipsos poll in the US found only 24 percent of respondents expressing an interest in the Apple Watch, but among those who were already iPhone owners – which is the market segment Apple is banking on – that number jumped to 39 percent, which one analyst said was “pretty encouraging” given the vastness of the iPhone user demographic around the world. And given Apple’s ability to popularize previously stagnant devices, consumer attitudes could change significantly after the Apple Watch’s release – which would likely even translate to good news for Apple’s smartwatch competitors.

Interestingly, ten percent of the Hive by British Gas survey respondents said they actually thought wearable devices like the Apple Watch would make their lives more difficult. They’re more excited about the Internet of Things, with 56 percent of respondents expressing excitement about the possibilities of the connected home. That’s good news for both the IoT industry and the British government, which recently announced significant funding to help drive forward Britain’s IoT industry in its latest budget.