Brivo Turns Smartphones into Door Keys

unsplash_mobileBrivo, a provider of cloud-based physical access control solutions, has announced a new offering that turns smartphones into physical access credentials. Called the Brivo Mobile Pass, it’s a digital credential solution that lets a mobile device unlock doors without the need to install new card readers.

The app is available for Android and iOS, and the solution works with the Brivo OnAir access control system. To enable it, a Brivo OnAir administrator simply sends a Brivo Mobile Pass invitation to a selected user via email. Through the email, the user activates the Mobile Pass on her smartphone, and from there it works as a kind of key fob. And because it’s a cloud-based access control system, the administrator can disable a given user’s access at any time, as appropriate.

In a statement, Brivo says that Brivo Mobile Pass Application is “protected by passcode and biometric capabilities built into the smartphone.” While the company hasn’t elaborated on what exactly is entailed in its biometric security, many new Android devices support fingerprint scanning functionality, as do newer iOS devices via Touch ID. Brivo also has experience working with Bionym’s cardiac biometrics technology, though there’s no indication that such authentication is supported in its Brivo Mobile Pass solution. Still, the coupling of mobile hardware as a key fob, together with the biometric authentication of most new Android and iOS devices, offers a convenient access control solution that is even more secure than a standard smart card system.