BYOD Month: The Primer

iStock_LIiPhoneWhen it comes to the ideal use of mobile identity management technology the name of the game is security plus convenience. On a user level, mobility is a life-changing paradigm shift, allowing for online operations that used to require a notebook or desktop computer anywhere under the umbrella of cellular reception.

Taking those operations on the road increases the amount of risk carried by every transaction, especially those that have always demanded a high level of security. Recent innovations in strong authentication and mobile security, including the rise of consumer biometrics, have addressed this need for risk mitigation, allowing for the peace of mind needed to use one’s phone for, say, payments.

This paradigm shift into a world of unprecedented efficiency can also be applied to the enterprise. Enter Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – a movement that allows for employees and workers to use their own personal smartphones and tablets for business operations. Throughout February at Mobile ID World we will be examining the state of BYOD and the important role mobile identity management plays in the increasingly important movement.

Business Done Better

BYOD has a great number of benefits that all boil down to greater work-life integration. The ability to access business data, communications and processes from wherever you are is a huge boon to enterprises in terms of workforce efficiency.

In order to realize BYOD done right a number of considerations need to be taken into account. How will the devices be managed? What type of security needs to be in place to allow for mobile business? Here are some past Mobile ID World articles that help illustrate the situation more fully, and some products that can help BYOD stay efficient and secure.

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Workplace Obstacles

Saldy, BYOD isn’t as simple as syncing an employee’s work email to her smartphone. Ideally, a robust BYOD policy should be put in place and enforced so that the extended network of a workforce doesn’t become a vulnerability. Indeed, BYOD might actually do more damage than good in certain very high risk workplaces until mobile security matures a bit more.

Whether BYOD is for your business or not, it must at least be considered. Here are some past articles that highlight some of the more important things to think about while figuring out if BYOD is for your business.

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Beyond the Enterprise

The great thing about the connectivity resulting from mobility is that it enables work to be done from everywhere. Extending the idea of BYOD to less conventional spaces reveals that smartphones and even wearables have a place at work outside of the office. From attendance tracking to law enforcement identity operations, BYOD is becoming a phenomenon.

Take a look at some of the ways mobile ID can change the way fieldwork is done.

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