CABIS Upgrade Shows Gemalto’s Cogent Focus

Gemalto has upgraded CABIS, the Cogent Automated Biometric Identification System, bringing it to version seven, the company has announced.

CABIS Upgrade Shows Gemalto's Cogent FocusFirst developed by 3M Cogent, CABIS is offered to law enforcement and other government agencies to enable identity searches based on biometric information. In a statement announcing it latest upgrade, Gemalto asserted that it now offers “an even greater degree of speed, precision and efficiency.” The company says it has made the solution multimodal, allowing for searches based on fingerprint, palm, facial, and iris biometrics. The platform is also now supported by CABIS Core Cloud, leveraging cloud-based back-end infrastructure to help reduce operating costs.

The upgrade comes just half a year after Gemalto’s acquisition of 3M Cogent this past May, and underlines its importance. In its first-half corporate update for 2017, Gemalto posted fiscal figures that – though they showed a healthy profit – were “disappointing”, in the words of CEO Philippe Vallée; and he stressed the need to “rapidly integrate” 3M Cogent into Gemalto’s business as a corrective.

Commenting on the CABIS upgrade, Gemalto Biometrics Solutions SVP Daniel Asraf asserted that with the technology “already hard at work in around 200 applications across 80 countries… the addition of resources such as multi-modal capability and cloud-based deployment will further enhance its value in the fight to protect borders and communities from a wide range of threats.”