Calgary Scientific Touts Benefits of ResolutionMD in Hospital Mergers

vital biometrics and wearable techCalgary Scientific is touting its ResolutionMD enterprise platform as a solution to help hospitals organize in the wake of large-scale mergers and acquisitions. Writing in a blog post, the company’s Director Product Management, Greg Girard, notes that such large-scale reorganizations can be a huge mess with respect to legacy equipment and records, but enterprise medical image viewers like ResolutionMD can help to streamline the process by incorporated images from a variety of sources into one platform.

It’s a good point, and likely a pressing concern for hospitals. As Girard points out, many hospitals have been looking at consolidation as a means of offsetting costs, with a 100 percent increase in mergers between 2005 and 2012 and a ten percent increase from Q1 of 2013 to Q1 of 2014. It’s also true that medical imaging has been increasing in prominence, particularly as advances in biometric technology and the mobile revolution have helped to increase the prevalence and quality of remote care.

As for ResolutionMD, its profile has been gaining over the last while too. The platform received certification for the Australian healthcare market last November, and in December the company received accolades from a major growth consulting firm, winning the 2014 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Growth Capital Investment Opportunity. Given its increasing prominence and credibility, Calgary Scientific should be able to make a persuasive case for ResolutionMD to the healthcare community.