Canada Could Be IoT Leader

Canada Could Be IoT LeaderCanada could provide a leading talent pool and market for the burgeoning Internet of Things, according to a new survey. The online survey, conducted by Leger, is entitled Canadians & Their Connected Devices: How the Internet of Things is Changing our Lives, and is considered to have a margin of error of about +/-3.1%, 95 percent of the time.

In terms of market opportunities, Canadians appear to be technological neophiles, with 83 percent of respondents asserting that they’re willing to try new technologies that could improve their lives, and 68 percent agreeing that connected devices will do exactly that. Sixty-three percent believe they’re likely to start using IoT devices within the next five years, and 76 percent anticipate that using connected devices will bring some benefit to their lives. Respondents were most interested in IoT applications that could help them to manage their home and also improve their health and fitness.

As for talent, Primus Telecommunications Canada and Ryerson University’s DMZ (formerly “Digital Media Zone”), the sponsors of the survey, put themselves forward as shining examples. Their claim isn’t without merit. Primus is a leading telecom in Canada, and is prudent in positioning itself as a leader in providing IoT communications infrastructure; while the DMZ is a quickly-growing startup incubator that has helped to launch 190 startups since its opening in 2010. This talent pool, combined with the local market’s appetite for technology, could help to spur growth on both sides as the Internet of Things continues to expand.