Canadian Law Firm Adopts MobiKEY Authentication

Canadian Law Firm Adopts MobiKEY AuthenticationRoute1, a company specializing in secure mobile access solutions for the enterprise market, has won a new contract to provide a Canadian business law firm with its flagship security solution. The agreement will see 100 of Fasken Martineau’s legal professionals equipped with Route1’s MobiKEY multi-factor authentication products.

The MobiKEY solution is actually more of a suite of products than any one item. Its aim is extend multi-factor authentication to enterprise employee’s individual digital assets such as mobile devices and laptops, and to that end offers a range of plug-and-play products with various compatibilities. The company lists some pretty high-profile organizations among its MobiKEY clients, including the Government of Canada and the US Department of Defense.

In a press release, Route1 President Brian Brunetti, explained how Fasken Martineau’s case highlights the value proposition of MobiKEY, asserting that “Fasken Martineau’s clients, like any other law firm’s clients, hold their service provider accountable for zero data loss making the issue of data integrity and security not a technology one, rather a business leadership strategic imperative.” MobiKEY, he said, “will enable the firm to distinguish itself from its peers.”