Canon Joins AllSeen Alliance

The AllSeen AllianceCanon Joins AllSeen Alliance is welcoming another major name to its ranks. Canon Inc. has now joined the group, which seeks to establish open source software standards for the Internet of Things (which it refers to as the “Internet of Everything”).

Canon is going to lend its support to AllSeen’s AllJoyn project, which aims to establish a common framework upon which IoT apps and devices can operate. In a statement, Canon senior executive Shinichi Yuga said her company looks forward “to leveraging our expertise in digital imaging solutions within the AllSeen Alliance to help advance AllJoyn so that connectivity is truly seamless for consumers,” adding that the “level of investment and depth of expertise among Alliance members makes it clear that collaborative development is an effective way to achieve innovation and heightened consumer experiences.” This attitude is increasingly being adopted among players in the growing IoT market as they come to recognize that establishing open source, common standards will ultimately help all competitors, not to mention consumers.

While Canon certainly has an interest in the enterprise, its addition to AllSeen is a big win for the alliance too. AllSeen Alliance IoT senior director Philip DesAutels said the organization ” is thrilled to welcome an industry heavyweight like Canon to its member roster,” adding that its contribution will be valuable in helping the AllJoyn code to mature.