Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Market Growing Rapidly

Smartphones Leading Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor Market GrowthThe capacitive fingerprint sensor market is growing rapidly, according to a new report from System Plus Consulting. And smartphone integrations are leading the way.

Citing data from fingerprint sensor maker IDEX, the report asserts that between 2014 and 2017, the market will see 360 percent growth in mobile integrations. This is in large part thanks to the pioneering efforts of Apple and its competitors Samsung and Huawei, all of whom have readily embraced the smartphone fingerprint sensor concept with their higher-end devices. R&D is also helping to push the market forward, according to System Plus Consulting, with a rising number of relevant patents having been established since 2012.

A report synopsis made no mention of the role of mPayments, but that is likely to be an encouraging factor as well, since most of the major, emerging mPayment platforms rely on fingerprint biometric authentication for transaction processing, and consumers are increasing their use of such platforms. It’s also worth noting that smartphone sensors are becoming increasingly common even at the lower levels of the price spectrum for smartphones, which is further helping to establish them as standard features of new mobile devices.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)