Card Tech Places Sensor Order With IDEX for Biometric Card Solutions

Today, IDEX ASA announced that it has received the initial order from Card Tech for fingerprint swipe sensors that will be integrated into biometric cards aimed at the access control and ID markets. The cards – described as ISO-compliant system-on-card solutions – will be produced by Card Tech’s tier-one production partner.

“We are very pleased that our partnership with Card Tech is now moving on to the commercialization phase,” says IDEX CEO Hemant Mardia. “Our bendable and thin SmartFinger sensor enables Card Tech to deliver a robust product suitable for mass production with its mass production partner. We have recently seen a significant increased interest in card solutions enabled by secure fingerprint biometrics, and Card Tech’s first-tier production partner is joining the project because it sees the magnitude of the potential market.”

According to IDEX’s announcement, biometric cards form one of three strategic mass markets of interest for the company. IDEX’s goals involve leveraging of its core technology across this market, mobile devices and the Internet of Things (M2M).

Fabrizio Borracci, CEO of Card Tech comments on the opportunity: “Based on multiple international expressions of interest we expect to open a significant market opportunity. Our partnership with IDEX started in 2011 and Card Tech aims to offer supreme biometric performance in ISO-standard cards. Initially we will serve the access control and ID markets, subsequently the banking and financial cards market. We have secured a first-tier manufacturing partner possessing facilities and expertise to ramp up production to large scale.”

IDEX recently announced a partnership with BIO-key International. Shortly after the announcement, findBIOMETRICS president Peter O’Neill had the opportunity to interview Heman Marida and Mike DePasquale, CEO and chairman of BIO-key. The conversation deals with the current state of the mobile biometrics market and the role that multi-factor authentication plays within.